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Factory: Meilikun company have graphite products factory, machinery factory (producing ductile iron products, cast steel products), Weihai Jinkaili Graphene Technology Co., LTD.  

Qingdao Meilikun Graphite Products Factory is a strong collection of mining, production of graphite and graphite products as one of the professional manufacturers, specializing in the production of all kinds of natural flake graphite, micro powder graphite, spherical graphite, expandable graphite, amorphous graphite, all kinds of graphite lubricant, all kinds of flexible graphite seal products, casting alcohol based coating, water based coating products. Products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions...

Strict production procedures and advanced production technology: The company adopts unified production technology to achieve fully enclosed production. The technical department tracks workshop production throughout the process, adjusts process parameters in time, and guarantees high-quality products in technology and hardware.

Raw material inspection: Raw materials are from the same place of origin, raw material suppliers are selected according to strict standards, and qualified suppliers are required to continuously improve product quality until they fully meet the requirements before signing a purchase contract with them. Before the raw materials are put into storage, the quality inspectors do final inspection to ensure that the raw materials meet the requirements.

Production process monitoring: The factory adopts a fully enclosed manufacturing process to avoid artificial pollution of materials in the production process, and combined with strict sampling and testing by quality inspectors, each production process strictly controls quality with the concept of "the next process is the user" , A set of strict quality control procedures have been formed. From raw material mining, semi-finished products, finished products, and quality inspectors, each process will be sampled and tested in accordance with the standards, and unqualified products are not allowed to enter the next process. Before product packaging, a comprehensive sampling test and re-inspection are carried out, the original test record is registered and archived, and the responsibility investigation system is implemented. The products from raw materials to finished products shall be inspected for 7 times to ensure the delivery of high-quality and qualified products to customers.

User tracking and technical support: Establish a complete user file, record raw materials, production process parameters, and responsible persons for each batch of products supplied to users, keep samples for shipment, and archive for 1-2 years, and For each user, a dedicated technician is arranged to be responsible for after-sales service and technical consultation.

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