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Meilikun company have graphite products factory, machinery factory (producing ductile iron products, cast steel products), Weihai Jinkaili Graphene Technology Co., LTD.  

Qingdao Meilikun Graphite Products Factory is a strong collection of mining, production of graphite and graphite products as one of the professional manufacturers, specializing in the production of all kinds of natural flake graphite, micro powder graphite, spherical graphite, expandable graphite, amorphous graphite, all kinds of graphite lubricant, all kinds of flexible graphite seal products, casting alcohol based coating, water based coating products. Products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions...


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product category

  • 01. Graphite Powder

    Graphite powder is a kind of mineral powder, mainly composed of simple carbon, soft, black gray; It is greasy and can contaminate the paper. The hardness is 1-2, and it is insoluble in water, dilute acid, dilute alkali and organic solvents; The material has high temperature resistance and conductivity, and can be used as refractory, conductive material, wear-resistant lubricating material.

  • 02. Graphite Lubricant

    Graphite lubricant is mainly used to evenly distribute graphite fine particles in water, oil or other media to form stable colloidal substances. It can be directly applied to the parts to be lubricated by means of rubbing, dipping or spraying, or it can be added to various lubricants for combined use. As graphite exists as extremely fine particles, it is very easy to penetrate into closely matched sliding or rotating parts for good lubrication.

  • 03. Graphite Sheets

    Graphite sheet is widely used in industry, which can be used to make high-temperature crucible for smelting, protective agent for steel ingot, lubricant for mechanical industry, electrode and pencil lead; It is widely used in advanced refractory materials and coatings for metallurgical industry, explosive materials stabilizer for military industry, pencil lead for light industry, carbon brush for electrical industry, electrode for battery industry, catalyst for fertilizer industry, etc.

  • 04. Graphite Electrodes

    Graphite electrode refers to a kind of high-temperature resistant graphite conductive material, which is made of petroleum coke and asphalt coke as aggregates and coal tar pitch as binder through raw material calcination, crushing and grinding, batching, kneading, molding, baking, impregnation, graphitization and mechanical processing. It is called artificial graphite electrode.


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